The international rugby team for New Zealand, the All Blacks, have a tradition. Before each game they perform a war dance called the Haka. It is a chanted song with arm slapping, foot stamping and scary faces. It shows respect for their culture and is meant to scare their opponent.
  ——Lindsey Bard
  新西蘭國家橄欖球隊,黑衫軍,有一個傳統。在開賽前,他們會表演一種叫做哈卡的賽前舞。它是一首吟唱的歌曲,伴隨著節奏人們拍打手臂,並配以跺腳的動作以及震懾的表情。這是對他們(土著)的文化表示尊重,同時也含有威懾對手的意思。  (原標題:The “All Black's Haka”)


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